Sunday, July 11, 2010

Matthew Takes a Dip

Today Matthew had his first swimming lesson. He has been in a pool before but this was his first class with some instruction. We weren't allowed to take pictures or even stand near the pool but I got a few unauthorized pics before I was ushered out. I would expect nothing less from a swimming pool located in the town of Brookline (where I was a taxpayer for 5+ years, BTW).

Anyway, Matthew seemed to enjoy it. Each class he'll be accompanied by a parent. I am going to go next week. He'll probably be doing handstands and cannonballs in no time.


  1. GO Matthew.... Swim Swim Swim....

  2. I love that you snuck a camera in! ( totally something Glenn would do.) And I think your swim cap is super stylin', Jodi! ;)