Friday, July 31, 2009

Matthew Meets His Uncle Brad

A meeting of the minds occurred last night as my brother Brad stayed over and had the chance to play with Matthew.

Sorry we missed you, Auntie Rachel!

Dad- have a great time on your motorcycle trip!

End of Week Photo's

So, end of another week .... things getting pretty routine at this point. We're doing pretty much normal stuff except now we have this little guy with us all the time which is great.

Also, stayed home with little Matthew this afternoon so we could monitor the MLB trading deadline while Belle received a much-needed grooming at the groomer. Things went great.

Tonight Matthew had Greek food - he has now tried: pizza, chinese, mexican, meatballs, chicken nuggets and more.

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Sorry for that little Red Sox-related interlude ... to make up for that, here is some new Matthew footage.

Red Sox Make Deal for VMart

So we had the trading deadline today and waited around to find out what kind of move the Red Sox would make. They of course were tied to the biggest moves for the past week, particularly the best player available, Roy Halladay.

In the end, things probably worked out for the best (for now) with Halladay staying put (not joining a contender like NYY, LA or Anaheim) meanwhile the Sox managed to make an upgrade to their offense while obtaining a catcher who can potentially replace Tek and play for them for several more years. Meanwhile, neither big contender in the AL-East didn't do anything - amazing, considering the Yankees usually make a move at the deadline.

After polling fan reaction - that is, talking to my brother and reading the email exchange from my buddies Cliff, Cal and Jon, it seems like a good move, considering the Sox managed to get a long term catcher and didn't have to deal either of their top two pitching prospects, Bard and Buchholz.

Make no mistake, VMart's value is in his long term ability to catch as good catchers are clearly very scarce. This is a case of the Sox seizing a good opportunity for the future while marginally upgrading their team for this season.

The Sox appear to still have two major issues: shortstop and the 4-5 spots in the rotation. And their plan is apparently to shore up their offense and hope that can win them enough games to make the postseason and then ride Lester and Beckett.

In terms of who they had to deal for Martinez - I think it was a fair trade but tough to part with Masterson who really looked to be a long term potential star. VMart has a decent bat (not quite as strong a hitter as Adrian Gonzalez, the other guy they pursued... it should also be noted that Martinez is a switch hitter.

PS -Here are a couple cool pics of sunsets I took years ago when living in Brookline.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to Work

So today is my first day back to work although I am working remotely. Working from home provides the unique opportunity to work longer hours and take a shorter lunch break, as most people know. I am catching up on a lot of stuff so today should be darn busy.

Jodi has taken Matty out on his first car trip with just Mommy -- they are visiting exotic ports of call such as Babies R Us and BJ's. Matthew apparently made his first Dunkin Donuts run and the guy behind the counter liked his shoes.

BTW .... to anyone who is interested in visiting, we're pretty free. Just give us a call if you want to come by. And bring a six-pack.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Matthew Eats at The Border Cafe ... Finally

A lot of people wondered how Matt would take to American cuisine after eating things like seaweed soup and soybean paste for the past year. I'm not saying its an indictment on Korean food but suffice to say Matthew really digs the food here, even my cooking.

Meanwhile, people kept asking, "Matthew has been here for five days, when is he going to the Border Cafe?" and I am happy to report the long awaited meal took place tonight with Matthew consuming quesadillas. As usual the Border didn't disappoint and we had a very pleasant dinner with my parents and little sister Lila. Good times hanging in Harvard Square after.

"Bourbon Cowboy" Rides Again

Continuing with the family theme of this blog, a video of my buddy Collins riding a bull for a few brief seconds. Note the Larry Bird jersey.

Monday, July 27, 2009

High Res Pics with Matthew, et al.

So .... by now everyone knows this blog features many still pics ... these are taken with a vintage 1988 polaroid camera and we offshore our image processing, whereby we overnight all hardcopy polaroids to an office in Mumbai who scans each picture and then posts each file to a file server by 4am EDT. I then wake up, download all of these jpegs and then promptly start blogging.

Tonight, we were visited by a couple of Jodi's best girlfriends, Dana and Chandra who brought with them a "digital camera" which allowed us instant access to high quality pics, including the ones you see here.

Matthew's Awesome Shoes

You guys can save your time with the comments. Matthew already knows these shoes kick serious ass.

Matty Receives Haircut, Still a Rock and Roller

There has been a lot of debate about what to do about Matthew's long hair. Some people said cut it .... some (like me) wanted it left alone. We heard about one couple taking their adopted child to the barber on their way home from the airport the day they picked him up.

But after much consternation we decided it was probably in his best interest to get a snip.... just to keep hair out his eyes and keep things cool. I insisted we go to my own personal barber. Here is how it went.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Even More Pics (Part 2)

I understand there are some Matthew Murphy groupies out there .... here's to the fans.

More Pics (part 1)

Stuff here from the last couple days.... highlights include such things as Matthew teething, taking a bath and eating.

Mike Collins Bachelor Party Weekend

Lost in the shuffle of this great weekend is the fact all my buddies were down in New Orleans for a bachelor party for my great friend, Collins who I have know for over 25 years.

Now of course I'm not complaining :0) that I wasn't there but I should acknowledge the hearty group that went down, showed some cajuns a good time and presumably brought the city of N.O. the much-needed boost to its economy (after Katrina).

ps - don't tell Jodi but Matthew knocked that beer over a second after I took that picture.

pps - that other pic is of my friends Jon and Tim at some speakeasy this past Friday afternoon.

Catching Up on Footage

Here is some random Matthew action - some might find this repetitive, if so, stop checking this site... because I am not here to blog about the Obama health plan.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good Weather Today

You wouldn't know it, but we're sitting in the middle of this brand new astroturf soccer field they built near our house. Would have been perfect for Matthew to run around except he didn't want to get off Mama's lap.

Denise, as you can see those burp cloths are making the rounds around town.


Congrats to Melissa and Alan who are getting married this Sunday!!! All the best to you guys and the kids! Sorry we can't be there.

Live Updates from Saturday

Not much news today other than I am now 2/2 on homemade meals for little Matthew. Thus far, he likes my scrambled eggs and the grilled cheese.

Another thing Matty likes is ice cream.