Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matthew Notebook

End of second day, Matthew has shown an uncanny knack for sleeping soundly, despite not sleeping in a crib before last night. Thus far, he has slept through the night, taken a 2 hour nap and just went to sleep for the night (thus far).... so either he is very bored, or acclimating well.

Jodi's parents (and Matthew's proud grandparents) Denise and Ira and sister/aunt Jessica sent up a whole ton of deli for us last night so we have been snacking on various delicacies including cold cuts, knishes and pickles. It is unclear whether Matthew will choose to keep Kosher. We will let him decide.

Jodi has been on the phone a bit these past few days. Not to be outdone, Matthew took matters into his own hands, receiving his first phone call from his cousin, Christian earlier this evening.

Little Matt attempted to snooze through his first visit from his grandparents (Peter and Cindy, aka Nana and Poppy) and auntie Lila but woke up in time for dinner and merrymaking.

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