Monday, July 27, 2009

High Res Pics with Matthew, et al.

So .... by now everyone knows this blog features many still pics ... these are taken with a vintage 1988 polaroid camera and we offshore our image processing, whereby we overnight all hardcopy polaroids to an office in Mumbai who scans each picture and then posts each file to a file server by 4am EDT. I then wake up, download all of these jpegs and then promptly start blogging.

Tonight, we were visited by a couple of Jodi's best girlfriends, Dana and Chandra who brought with them a "digital camera" which allowed us instant access to high quality pics, including the ones you see here.


  1. All the pics are fantastic, but these really do look especially good! I dug the long hair, but now his happy little smile seems to shine through even more.
    - Matthew Groupie (Newton, MA)

  2. LOVE THE PICS... They are amazing. Especially the one where Matthew was trying to get Belle. Love it.

  3. Awww! Beautiful family pics!!! Love the new 'do!!!! ( although I did love his long locks as well :)

  4. I love these pictures! And i really like his new hair cut :)