Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Granny!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since we've posted on the blog. Sorry to all of our loyal followers (you know who you are : ) ) Since we came home from Maine, we spent two weeks around Boston and then Matthew and I headed south to Florida. We spent a week celebrating Granny's birthday, going to the beach, and having an all-around fun time. Happy belated birthday Granny!!

Matthew in his big boy seat on the airplane (the first flight he had to have his own seat- he loved it!)

Jessica and I decided to give my mom a picture of all three boys (which we have NEVER been able to do before) for her birthday. We had a "photo session" with the boys that resulted in 30 awful pictures and one amazing picture. FYI... the shirts say "Happy" "Birthday" "Granny".

The finished product...
Look for a new post the beginning of next week... Monday morning we will be in court for the long-overdue and much-anticipated adoption finalization!!

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  1. Thank you, for every moment we spent together, at the pool, at Lion Country Safari, and for every other day and especially for my spectacular surprise birthday party. This was a very special birthday for me, it was my first birthday that I celebrated with my three incredible and loving grandsons. The picture of the boys is my favorite one of all, I look at it every day at least a thousand times, and smile with joy and pride each and every time. Chris you were missed. Hope to see you soon.
    Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!