Sunday, January 16, 2011

1st Trip to Florida in 2011

Matthew and I just got home last night from a wonderful trip to Florida. We watched Christian play soccer, went strawberry picking, played in a sandbox, swam in the pool, went horseback riding, rode a steam train, celebrated my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and just spent lots of time together.

We can't wait to get back there soon! Miss everyone already!


  1. Thank you all for celebrating our 4oth Anniversary
    with us. Dad and I had the absolute best time. Having all the family together (Chris we missed you)means everything to us, truthfully that was all we needed, but everything else was incredible
    Our very best Anniversary to date. Our children and grandchildren is g-d's gift to us.

  2. Just look at all of these pictures above and they tell the whole story of your visit with us, Everyday was just like the pictures each day better than the next. Happiness Happiness Happiness !!!!!!!!!!!!