Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Obviously today was Matthew's first halloween and it was a really good one.

Things are really hectic here because Jodi and Matty are heading to Florida tomorrow and there is a lot of stuff to do. Also, Matthew has decided he would like to try going through life without sleeping, so things were a little tricky today - some highlights:

> Matthew woke up at around 5:45 and and I took him downstairs so Jodi could sleep - none of his normal cartoons were on so we watched The Blues Brothers which is his new favorite movie - can you guess why?
> We tried to give Matthew a nap at 10:30 and he proceeded to sleep for 10 minutes
> We managed to go to the park with Matthew and Belle but it was actually too windy to stay - Belle was about to fly in the air like a kite and we all know how Matthew's cheeks get windburned.
> Does anyone remember John Kerry who ran for president in 2004? Well, he was forgettable as a presidential candidate but has recently been getting crap done with the election debacle in Afghanistan. Either way, we saw him outside of Roche Brothers this morning
> Went to my parents' house for dinner and trick or treating; Matthew had a good first halloween - he got to trick or treat at a few houses and then came home and ate lasagna.
> You wouldn't believe the weather here; it was in the 70's today but cloudy and super windy; made for a good halloween scene with leaves blowing around.

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  1. Happy Halloween guys! And have a safe and wonderful trip to Florida! :)