Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy B-Day, Curious George

This past weekend we went into the Boston Public Library for a Curious George event. It was actually his birthday although I didn't catch how old he is.

First, some Curious George trivia:

1. Jodi and I read CG books when we were little; Matthew is more familiar with CG the TV series, although we plan on introducing him to the books once he starts learning more english.
2. There were seven original CG stories published from 1941 through 1966
3. Original credit for the story and illustrations were given to H.A Rey although later his wife Margaret was given credit for the writing. Now both names appear on original CG books.
4. The CG event this past weekend was held in the Rey children's room in the Boston Public Library which is named after the aformentioned couple.

So anyway, a harmless Curious George birthday party turned into your typical overcrowded Boston event replete with a long line. Of course Jodi and Matty and I were ready to wait it out and in the end Matthew got his chance to meet Curious George.

Sorry we didn't great pics - it was a little chaotic. Oh and we did see the Man With Yellow Hat but didn't even bother hanging out.

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