Friday, September 18, 2009

Wrigley Field Roof Deck (UPDATED WITH MENU ITEMS)

So my business unit at IDC decided to break from tradition. We wanted to do a customer event so we could showcase our products and services. Rather than the usual meeting where we bring in some speaker to talk about various subjects, we thought we would try something that was actually really fun. My colleague Rob, who lives in Chicago ended up setting up a block of seats on one of the roof decks right outside of Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Yesterday I went out to Chicago for the day - we had our event during a Cubs game and it was a pretty great time. Who knows if we drum up any business but at least we had a solid time. Here is the setup: there are a bunch of these walkup browstone-type buildings surrounding the ballopark and most of them have sightlines right into the ballpark. So what people have done is buy the buildings and completely renovate the top floors and turn them into bars with open air lounges and then set up bleachers on the roof so you are even more elevated, allowing you to easily see almost the entire field.

The whole thing was catered and we had unlimited food and beers.... plus it was a really nice sunny day. Here is a pic from the rooftop bleachers.

!!! UPDATE !!!!
I was remiss in not posting a complete menu of the things served (most of which I ate)

> Beers (like 6-8 different kinds) served at 3 different bars
> Wine
> Cokes
> Snack mix
> Bags of chips
> Pizza
> Cooler full of ice cream (incl. chipwiches, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate covereds, etc.)
> Butler-passed BBQ rib sandwiches
> Butler-passed pulled pork sandwiches
> Butler-passed roast beef sandwiches
(and the butlers were pretty girls)
> Hot dogs
> Sausages
> Hamburgers

I am not saying I ate all of this stuff, but I did check the scale this morning and appeared to have gained 5 pounds.

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