Saturday, September 5, 2009

Matthew Has a Toy Guitar

So we have been trying to start Matthew off pretty early with an appreciation for music. Of course, everyone has different taste and opinions on what babies should be listening to. I think it's pretty interesting how kids programming throws a lot of different type of music at you. For instance, Sesame Street has some pretty basic stuff on music like teaching about musical instruments. Meanwhile, I have noticed Baby Einstein actually has a soundtrack which seems to be predominantly classical music. Barney is 90% percent singing (although 100% excruciatingly annoying).

So, when we are around the house, or especially in the car, we throw a lot of tunes Matthew's way. So far, he seems to really like his Pink Floyd baby lullaby album (actually it puts him right to sleep, but I like it) and he has danced along to various Bon Jovi songs. I caught him really digging Van Halen the other day (it was on the radio). Another Matthew favorite: Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill (I guess it's catchy).

Anyway, we'll graduate him on to the Grateful Dead some day but at this point he is happy to listen to just about anything. He hasn't yet picked up an instrument but Jodi gave him a little guitar that plays music when he presses buttons. It leads to some funny moments - like these ...

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  1. Those are precious moments.. Matthew is adorable.... I can not wait to MEET him!