Sunday, August 9, 2009

Banner Ads = More Pics for You

A lot of you might have noticed the recent commercialization of the Murphy Blog. This is not entirely unintentional - I chose to add advertisements because its time to give something back.... to myself. I figure for all the time I put in posting these videos and pics (roughly 3 hours a day) it's high time I got paid. So I went commercial, deal with it.

PS - I am just joking, you can let me know if you're bothered by the ads and if so, I will simply start using veiled product placement with Matthew serving as the main vehicle. Just don't blame me if you start seeing Matthew drinking Pepsi in every video.

PPS - Just joking about that. If the ads are causing problems (especially with load times or anything like that) just let me know and I can take them off.

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