Monday, August 3, 2009

Neopolitan Ice Cream

So I just got finished eating a small bowl of Neopolitan ice cream. This reminds me of the Simpsons where Homer tells Marge "Marge we need more ice cream" after he rummages through box after box of Neopolitan Ice cream in his freezer, each with just the chocolate eaten out of it.

Jodi got a thing of Edy's Neopolitan ice cream which is really good, but of course, like most ice cream these days, it comes in a cylinder-shaped tub. Therefore it's virtually impossible to eat any one discrete flavor. I always thought the point of Neopolitan was to be able to eat different flavors at different times. But I could be wrong.

Just wondering what other people think about this? In this day and age of frozen custard and frozen yogurt, do people even eat Neopolitan ice cream any more (besides us Italians)? Meanwhile, if you are a religious reader of this blog, you might be wondering "how many times per week does Chris eat ice cream". The answer is 5.

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  1. Chris - did you know that Neopolitan ice cream has a rich history at Fenway? Under the Hood brand, it was the only ice cream sold there beginning in the mid-fifties. I remember the vendors' call, "Getcha Hood three flavah ice cream heeah." I used to eat the chocolate and vanilla and give the strawberry to whomever would take it or hide it under the seat in front of me. - Dad