Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Stuff+Guest Poster!

Got a little more Matthew footage.... also, keep reading for a guest poster.

The first part of the video includes Matthew going to the park and playing in a sprinkler, Reportedly he was a little hesitant as, (like everything in Boston) it involved fighting a huge crowd - in this case, a huge crowd of crazy kids. Also, according to Jodi, the water pressure of said sprinklers was too strong.

We also have rare footage of Matthew on a swing! In his dossier, the foster parents reported that Matthew likes slides but hates swings. Turns out the opposite seems to be true stateside (what's up with Korean playgrounds?). Anyway, Jodi took him on a swing and he seemed to really dig it.

My First Post- by Jodi

I've been leaving the posting to Chris, since he gets rave reviews after every write up. But tonight I can't help myself. As I sat in the kitchen tonight getting some work done, Chris was upstairs in the hallway playing with Matthew. All I could hear was constant giggles followed by roaring laughter coming from Matthew (and alittle from Chris). This truly warmed my heart! There is nothing like the sound of Matthew's laughter. I decided I would sneak up on them with the video camera, but of course Matthew saw me coming. Here is a little piece of the fun I was listening to for a solid 20-30 minutes.

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