Thursday, August 13, 2009

Preseason Pats!!!!

I know that everyone hates when they log in and there are new posts that are not about little Matthew, so I will try and throw something in about the little guy ... today Matthew had a "play date" with another little adoptee from Korea. Jodi met a gal from Newton (the town next door) who adopted a little girl named Bae and they hooked up today and hung out. Apparently they had a seriously good time and Matthew even held Bae's hand at one point. This kid is apparently a real player, like his dad.

Another real player is this guy Julian Edelman, a 7th round draft pick for the Patriots, out of Kent State. This guy played QB in college and is trying to hang on as a special teamer. Well, just about a quarter into the preseason and this kid is putting on the highlights. He ran a punt back about 70 yards. Looks like he has wheels to burn. Will be cool to see if he makes the team. Meanwhile, Brady is in the game and working himself back into form. He has thrown a TD and an interception and is walking around the sidelines acting like its the 3rd quarter against the Jets in mid December. A good thing.

So, I can gaurantee, not even my dad wants to hear any more about preseason football. So just a quick update on what's up; here is where we are at:

1. It's Thursday night and we decided to eat dinner AFTER Matthew goes to bed; so we're having a pizza and a bottle of wine.

2. Granny and Papa (Denise and Ira) are coming in this weekend which will be fun.

3. Mason - Matthew's cousin reportedly has peed in the potty (he is only 18 months).

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