Saturday, August 1, 2009

Matthew Eats "Happy Meal"

So we headed down to Edaville Railroad today to show Matthew some trains and ride some rides (more on that later). And as we drove down there this morning we hit the typical Cape traffic so I did what any god-loving family man would do, I banged off the next exit and hit a McDonalds, continuing a long-standing Murphy-family tradition of feeding wholesome foods to their kids.

So we figured we'd score Matthew a Happy Meal.. Much to my chagrin, what passes as a "Happy Meal" these days now comes in a paper bag instead of a little cardboard carrying case - apparently kids should be "Happy" about saving the environment as they eat their meal out of an ordinary paper bag. Not only that, but these things can be ordered with apple slices instead of fries, which, of course, Jodi (to my abject horror). I wont even get into how Jodi took the breading off the chicken mcnuggets. This kid ate healhier in McD's than he normally does at home - which is just wrong on so many levels.

I am happy to report I consumed a regular old Big Mac.


  1. too funny. and i agree happy meals in those bags just aren't the same

  2. Did Matty at least score a cool toy to go with the less cool paper bag?