Sunday, August 16, 2009

Granny and Papa

So this has been an eventful weekend.... to wit:

Denise and Ira (aka Granny and Papa) came in on Friday afternoon and we've all had a nice time. Ira could only stay through Sunday but Denise will be here are all week where she will get no break from the 90 degree heat and humidity. In other news:

1. We all went to fancy steakhouse, Flemings, on Friday with great results - in both the food and behavior department. Matthew is getting better in restaurants and he seems to be on his best behavior when filet mignon is on the menu.

2. We went to the aquarium yesterday and that was pretty fun. Quick tip #1: never go to the Boston aquarium without getting a ticket in advance; they would have you wait in line for an hour.

3. It was a grandparent-fest last night as my parents came in and we all went out to eat (again). We all had a solid time.

4. A guy from South Korea beat Tiger Woods in a pretty amazing finish today in the PGA Championship. Of course Matty could care less.

The Saga of the Rocking Horse

So Papa has wanted to get Matthew a nice rocking horse and he went and picked one up at the toy store yesterday. So we bring it home and I put it together but two of the horse's legs don't fit properly so we go back to Toys R Us and get 2 new legs. Turns out those don't fit either and we have to go back there a 3rd time to replace the entire body. So now we have the new body in hand and I am running up the front porch stairs with an armload of plastic horse limbs to get this thing put together. Of course I trip on the steps and whack my chin with one of the plastic pieces which opens up a gash that pretty much wouldn't stop bleeding. Long story short, I got 2 stitches after spending the afternoon in the emergency room.

The good news: Matthew got a REALLY nice rocking horse (see attached video).

The bad news: I have to grow a goatee to cover up these stitches and it's the hottest week of the summer and I have a business trip and a wedding to go to.

I know this sounds like complaining, so I will shut up. Enjoy the video with bonus footage of Matthew being crazy.


  1. This is my favorite video I think! I've never seen him laugh so much at once!

  2. Definitely the cutest video! Matthew looks like a rodeo cowboy, patting the horse and then with one hand in the air. Love the bonus "crazy" footage. Eating was never so fun! Also great: Belle jumping straight up trying to get in on the food/video action. Good to see Matty sharing his food without giving Belle as much as a glance. Looks like Belle will be not so subtly vying for Matty's food for years to come...