Monday, August 3, 2009

Edaville RR, The Untold Story

So last week, Auntie Rachel and Uncle Brad sent us this really cool book of 75 things to do in Boston with kids. Therefore ,when this past weekend rolled around, Jodi was pretty fired up about doing something cool with little Matthew.

I, of course agree, as my plan is to show Matt such a kick-ass time, he'll never want to leave. So from this great little book, we chose Edaville Railroad, a train-themed amusement park, to go along with the fact Matthew has conveniently been playing with trains for the past week.

You heard about the cape traffic and the awesome trip to McDonalds and have since seen the feature length video. Some more fun facts about Edaville RR:

1. It is located about an hour south of Boston and its near a lot of the cranberry bogs where cranberry juice is made; what's more, Edaville RR also houses an informative cranberry museum.
2. If you can't get enough cranberries, you can also by cranberry-related odds/ends in the three gift shops.
3. The main attraction is the Edaville RR train ride which takes you on a scenic ride through.... you guessed it .... cranberry bogs.
4. Jodi tried to order Cranberry sherbert ice cream but they were sold out.
5. The place is actually a pretty compact, clean little park with a good amount of rides for small children; we plan on returning in either the fall or the winter.
6. Edaville RR doesn't have the budget for licensed characters such as Disney World or even the second tier characters you see at places like Six Flags. It does have one guy walking around that I thought looked like a great big pizza slice - Jodi thinks he is a frog. Matthew actually walked right up to him and shook his hand.
7. Before leaving for Edaville, Matthew was treated to an impromtu visit from his Uncle Brad who stayed long enough to play "Where's the Baby?"

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